Man Rolex Day-Date Automatikwerk 41MM Gehäuse 316 Edelstahl Gold Dail

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Marke: Rolex
Bereich: Tag-Datum
Cortex: SteelBelt
Geschlecht: Mann
Bewegung: Automatisch
Gehäusegröße: 41 MM
Gehäusematerial: Edelstahl 316
Spiegel: Saphirglas
Verschluss: Faltverschluss
Zifferblattfarbe: Gold

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Bewertungen (5)

5 Bewertungen für Man Rolex Day-Date Automatikwerk 41MM Gehäuse 316 Edelstahl Gold Dail

  1. Alejandro Romano

    The quality of the fake watch is very good, the color appearance is also high-grade, the workmanship is fine, and it is very temperament and satisfactory on the wrist.

  2. Olivia Howard

    Things are more perfect than I thought, very awesome, worth starting

  3. Jairo A. Rodriguez

    What was funny was that this was one of the few watches that fit my wrist perfectly without adjustment. For me, a man of good build and weight I usually have to have watches adjusted for being too big. Larger-wristed men may have a problem that I don’t know whether extra pieces are easily available. The watch fit me easily and feels nice.

  4. Luke B.

    I have bathed and showered with it on with no problem. It came set at a perfect size for me, so no problem there. I am very happy away so far.

  5. Corrine Barrios

    Keeps time perfectly and I’ve received many compliments from my friends. These are higher priced in Dubai so purchase from this web.

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