Rolex Cellini 39MM Gehäuse Mehrfarbiges Zifferblatt Automatikwerk Römische Skala

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Marke: Rolex
Reichweite: Cellini
Cortex: Lederband
Geschlecht: Mann
Bewegung: Automatisch
Gehäusegröße: 39 MM
Gehäusematerial: Edelstahl 316
Spiegel: Saphirglas
Zifferblattfarben: Rose Gold Shell Black Surface

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Bewertungen (7)

7 Bewertungen für Rolex Cellini 39MM Gehäuse Mehrfarbiges Zifferblatt Automatikwerk Römische Skala

  1. Natalie

    wasn’t what I expected due to the large face dial but overall it’s a really nice watch

  2. Bethany Freeman

    The packaging is very tight and exquisite, the quality is very good, the appearance is as beautiful as the picture, it looks very high-end and atmospheric, and I like it very much.

  3. Elaine2627

    The quality is very good, the style is simple and stylish, and the husband is very handsome and likes it.

  4. Powell

    I needed to remove one link to make it the perfect fit. The time was already set and I have not had to adjust it at all. I have several watches. A tide watch for our dive and surfing trips. A dive watch, but have never worn it down.

  5. Susie

    However, it’s a damn nice looking watch. Do yourself a favor, if you’re considering purchasing the fake thing, try something like this watch first. It might take the wanting, coveting you’re feeling away.

  6. autumn

    I received this watch several days ago and LOVE it so far and am absolutely impressed! This watch has the weight and tightness of a much more expensive watch and it looks distinguished and of high quality.

  7. Jane

    with that in mind, if you need something that’s both reliable and affordable, this is the watch for you! All in all, I really enjoy this watch. The band is comfortable and the watch rests nicely.

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