Rolex Daytona Limited Edition Gedenk-Luxusfarbe Diamant Lünette

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Marke: Rolex
Reichweite: Daytona
Cortex: SteelBelt
Geschlecht: Mann
Bewegung: Automatisch
Gehäusegröße: 43 MM
Gehäusematerial: Edelstahl 316
Spiegel: Saphirglas
Verschluss: Sicherheitsverschluss
Zifferblattfarbe: Luxusfarbener Diamant

Bewertungen (6)

6 Bewertungen für Rolex Daytona Limited Edition Gedenk-Luxusfarbe Diamant Lünette

  1. Linda Yelvington

    I received it. The logistics are very good. It is super nice to wear. The classic is very versatile. Customer service attitude is very good.

  2. ashlyn Clements

    I bought it for my nephew. he will go to college. I have to be handsome and just meet his needs.

  3. Seth B

    This is a birthday gift for my children. My children especially like it, as shown in the picture.

  4. Victor Almeida

    Initially, I didn’t know what to think. My wife, when I was considering the fake watch stated it was a distinctive, beautiful color. After wearing this around, I agree, it is distinctive.

  5. Dori

    I received this watch several days ago and LOVE it so far and am absolutely impressed! This watch has the weight and tightness of a much more expensive watch and it looks distinguished and of high quality.

  6. Y. Pompey

    I wear this watch every day, I love it, beautiful dial, I highly recommend this watch to anyone, well maybe for those who can afford such a small price, but this watch is a great buy!

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