Wer verkauft die besten Replik-Uhren Rolex Ladies President 179138 Gelbgold

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Model Name/Number:President 179138
Seriennummer / Jahr: K 2000 – 2 001
Geschlecht: Damen
Uhrwerk: Automatik 2235
Gehäuse: 18 Karat Gelbgold (26 mm) mit geriffelter Lünette
Zifferblatt: Champagner mit zahlreichen Indexen
Armband: 18 Karat Gelbgold Presidential mit verdecktem Kronenverschluss

Bewertungen (11)

11 Bewertungen für Wer verkauft die besten Replik-Uhren Rolex Ladies President 179138 Gelbgold

  1. Natalie

    The watch is very good, I like it, I am very satisfied with the shopping

  2. Joe Longpre

    The watch is quite good, the price is not expensive, overall the price is very high, can control all kinds of dress, decisively praise the appearance style: the appearance is very fashionable, the dial is simple and elegant, wearing is very grade, the strap is also my favorite workmanship material: The workmanship is very delicate, the surface is very smooth, and the feel is very good

  3. Eveline M Gaskin

    The gift given to her by her friend’s birthday can’t wait to be put on when you receive the baby. I like it very much. The logistics are also very powerful.


    The baby is very beautiful, I like it very much, I am very surprised after receiving it, I am very happy! Customer service carries a prompt reply, very intimate

  5. Joy Hall

    Good delivery. I bought it as a birthday gift for men. I was a little bit unsure at first. It was a pleasant surprise when I opened it. The face value is super high and the feel is very good. Loved, loved. Like it, don’t hesitate! Accuracy of travel time: super accurate Packing gift box: exquisite appearance style: generous workmanship material: great

  6. J D burrell Jr

    The watch is very fashionable and fashionable, with a high-end atmosphere, high quality, accurate time, exquisite workmanship, and affordable price. It is trustworthy and recommended for friends to buy.

  7. JJDS

    Elegant packaging, travel time precision, weight, style good-looking

  8. Rania Abu-Hamdah

    The quality is very good. It’s the right size. Very satisfied with

  9. Daniel

    I find this style very simple and elegant. She loved the watch, it is a great sporty look and was a great price!

  10. Susan Price

    Great product, have had other watch winder but none compare. It is an attractive box, would buy again

  11. Mary Ochs

    Great packaging and super quiet motor when running. A very nice modern look that looks great.

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